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Please join us in experiencing the sense of engagement and purposeful action enjoyed by people who begin and continue supporting this unique institution.

We offer a number of such experiences, ranging from the profound role played by contributors to our endowment fund, the ongoing support of annual fund donors, and various specific donations such as stock, annuities, corporate matching gifts, and legacy gifts.

We invite you to enjoy one or more of these satisfying and deeply useful ways that you can help support Maharishi’s great gift to the world.

Planned Giving – Legacy Gifts – Wills – Bequests


As alumni or friends of Maharishi University of Management, you value MUM as the world’s first Consciousness-Basedsm educational institution and the lighthouse of education for enlightenment for our world family.

All planned gifts to MUM, both large and small, are an investment in the University’s future. Your legacy gift will help to perpetuate Maharishi’s ideal system of education for future generations.

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Each year, many wonderful supporters of MUM tell us that they would like to do more for our mission, but they do not have the means to do so because they need their assets “for a rainy day”. But at the time of your passing, when those assets are no longer needed, they can become part of our “rainy day” fund and create your meaningful legacy at MUM.


Your gift through your will, retirement plan or life insurance policy helps to ensure our future. There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy through your estate plans. Best of all, the provision can be altered at any time as your circumstances change and will not impact your current lifestyle.

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Gifts that cost you nothing out of pocket today

Some gifts do not have to cost you anything today but support our mission in the future. These gifts involve naming MUM as a beneficiary:

  • of your will or living trust
  • of your qualified retirement plan (IRA, 403(b), 401(k), etc.)
  • or owner of your life insurance policy

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A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, you simply include language in your will or trust specifying a gift to be made to family and/or MUM as part of your estate plan.


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You can make a gift and receive guaranteed fixed income payments for the rest of your life as well as a second person such as a spouse or significant other. Payments are typically much higher than your return on “safe” investment such as low-earning securities and CDs. The older the donor, the higher the rate of payout. After the donor, and the beneficiary if one has been designated, passes the remaining funds can be used by MUM.


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Since our founding, individuals dedicated to our long-term success have set up planned gifts for our benefit. Some donors included us as a beneficiary of their will, retirement plan (401(k), 403(b), IRA, etc.) or life insurance policy while others added to our endowment to continue their annual support after they were gone. Each of these individuals believed in our mission and wanted to be sure we could continue to thrive and grow into the future. For this special group, we created the MUM Legacy Society.


The Society is open to all individuals who have named us in their long-term plans or created an endowment for our benefit.

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The MUM Professional Advisory Committee is a dedicated group of professionals within the extended MUM community who serve as advocates and advisors for MUM planned giving programs. Most members work as estate and tax attorneys tax attorneys, certified public accountants, trust officers, life insurance brokers, financial advisors and wealth managers.


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What Do You Want Your Gift To Do — For You?

Gift Planning Tool

A successful gift – one that will benefit both you and MUM – starts with careful planning. Planned giving combines an appreciation of MUM’s current needs and long-term goals with an inventory of your own financial, tax and estate planning objectives. The result is a gift that delivers more benefit to us than you thought you’d ever be able to provide, and at the same time saves you taxes and/or preserves your estate.

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