HighRise Residence Halls – Completion

The five “HighRise” residence halls house over 300 graduate students enrolled in our Computer Professionals Program. We have invested significantly in maintaining and upgrading these buildings, but they need further work to provide a modern level of comfort.

Thanks to Jeffrey and Rona Abramson, two of the five buildings have just undergone major renovations. The remaining three are now a top priority for similar infrastructure and cosmetic improvements.

Top Priority:

  • Comprehensive individual room upgrades for buildings 140, 141, and 142.
  • These include new carpet, new paint, refurbishing built-in furniture (bookshelves, closets), and new standalone furniture (dressers, beds, and window blinds).

Total: 192 rooms x $1,000/room (average) = $192,000

Third priorities:

  • Replace large plate glass windows in all five buildings = $25,000
  • Install fresh air ventilation equipment = $72,000
  • Manage groundwater drainage = $50,000

Total = $147,000

Secondary Priorities:

  • Final touches to buildings 143 and 144, including mirrors, countertops, and sinks = $38,400
  • Build a commercial-grade kitchen and dining area = $24,000
  • Replace fire escapes on two buildings still in need = $65,000

Total = $127,400

Total funding needed = $466,400


Special thanks to the Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation

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