Pedestrian Mall

Pedestrian Mall, looking West

Pedestrian Mall, looking East

We have long wanted to close the central MUM campus to vehicle traffic and turn Robert Keith Wallace Drive into a pedestrian mall. According to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture, closing this street to vehicles will reduce the inauspicious westerly influence the current entrance creates.

The MUM Master Plan Committee and a professional landscape architecture firm have analyzed pedestrian malls on other campuses and incorporated the best features into the Master Plan design. The plan includes a shade tree-lined street with native flower plantings. The street itself will be a pedestrian-friendly width of 19 feet – enough for maintenance and security vehicles to pass. The telephone poles and wires along this main artery of campus will be removed and the new wires will be buried and no longer visible. The pavement will be stamped concrete in three colored bands with the two outer bands demarcating one-way bike lanes.

Item of ConstructionEstimated Costs
Site Preparation$185,500
Stormwater management$66,500
Relocating existing water$36,400
Sub Total$2,226,339
5% General Conditions$113,316.95
Contractor Markup$190,372.48
20% Contingency$514,005.69
20% Soft Costs, Permitting, Design Fees$616,806.82
Grand Total Project Cost$3,700,840.93

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