How to give digital currency


Step 1

Go to

It looks like this:


Step 2

You will arrive at the MUM Digital Donation Confirmation page. It looks like this:

Leave this browser window open and move on to the next step.



Step 3

Open your Digital Wallet.

Here are some sample digital wallets, which you can access at

That page looks like this:



Step 4

Open a new browser window, log in to your digital wallet and click on “Send Bitcoin” (a feature of every digital wallet).

From the Donation Confirmation page (step 2 above), copy the 36 character code that looks like this:

(or copy this: 1CMWXUt85N84Uo5ufZU98SuMZrL1ned67t )

into your wallet.

Then copy the BTC amount as listed on the Donation Confirmation page: for example:

Click or press send on the form in your digital wallet.



Step 4

With your digital wallet app open, select send (a feature of every wallet app)

Select the QR code button

It looks like this:

Scan the QR code that appears on the MUM Donation Conformation page. It looks like this:

Click in the send button. It looks like this:

You can send using the lowest transfer fee available, which may mean that the transaction takes about 4 hours to process


Step 5

The MUM Donation Confirmation page will flash a graphic like this while the internet is processing the Bitcoin (BTC) transfer:

Bitcoin blocks are confirmed every 10 minutes, depending on traffic.  The process might take hours. You will receive a notification email when the Bitcoin arrives.

You can close the MUM Donation Confirmation page window, or refresh it later if you want to see the confirmation. You will get an email notification anyway (see step 6)

The online confirmation page will look like this:



Step 6

Your email notification will look something like this:




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