DLF High School Graduate Scholarships

Students practicing Transcendental Meditation at the Bronx Law and Community Service High School are ideal candidates for Maharishi University of Management scholarships.

$625,000 Opportunity to get more MUM students right away

Scholarships for DLF Quiet Time graduates to attend MUM will further the momentum and success of this remarkable program. Three-year scholarships will establish a vital partnership between MUM and the DLF Quiet Time program.

This is a great opportunity to steadily increase MUM’s future undergraduate enrollment. The University needs to establish a relationship with “feeder schools” in the United States. Partnering with DLF Quiet Time schools is a strategic move that can help fulfill this need.

As of spring 2016, there are 362 meditating high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in nine Quiet Time Schools.

The number of students enrolled in the DLF Program is growing exponentially. Some of these students are prime college candidates and would like to attend MUM to continue their Consciousness-Basedsm education, yet they have little or no means to do so. With scholarships, the best of the Quiet Time graduates could enroll at MUM,  enriching their transcending experience, and inspiring the next generation of academic and community leaders.

Some may opt to become TM teachers in the Quiet Time schools. TM teacher training is offered as part of their undergraduate education for which federal aid is available.

MUM Admissions and Student Services departments have a partnership plan with DLF faculty and administrators, and a support structure to sustain the special needs of these students.

We expect that these scholarships will inspire funding from other sources, including collaborative fund-raising events with DLF. Increasing the scholarship pool will allow us to establish a permanent endowment for this MUM-DLF partnership.

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“I like using my talents to help others,” said Ivan. “Maharishi University of Management has provided me with the perfect platform to help others.

That’s why I decided to run for student body president and become an RA and meditation hall checker, because those are the things that make me happy, helping others.”

Ivan majored in business and someday hopes to run his own company. He also wants to work with youth. During the summer, he returned to San Francisco and did volunteer work for the Quiet Time program at his high school.

“I can talk about my experience, how meditation helped me, how great MUM is,” he said. “Kids can relate to my experience. I am from the neighborhood.”

Current DLF School Enrollments

CaliforniaAspire Olloin62
Baxter Alliance8
New Village Charter211719
Semillas Community Schools42
Vista Del Mar2
New YorkBronx Law and Community Service676413
Amundsen Public5311
Gage Park2611
ConnecticutNew Horizons171015
Total (362)20410751


Year OneTen students ( $100,000 Scholarships and $25,000 start-up costs)$125,000
Year TwoTen students plus ten continuing students$200,000
Year ThreeTen students plus twenty continuing students$300,000
Total funding over three years$625,000

*These numbers are expected to increase over time as younger DLF students enter high school, and with the launch of new DLF school programs


Federal Pell Grants$6,000$60,000$120,000$180,000
Federal Subsidized Loans$4,000$40,000$80,000$200,000
Total Revenue$20,000$200,000$400,000$600,000

Total revenues over three years: $122,000

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giving@mum.edu ♦ 641-472-1180 Monday-Friday, 10:15-4:30 CST

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