Annual Campaign

The Annual Fund—Lifeblood of the University

The Annual Fund supplements MUM’s revenues each year and completes our general operating budget. It supports all facets of running the university, from student scholarships to food service, from road maintenance to curriculum development, from roof repairs to software upgrades. The Annual Fund and student tuition revenue are the lifeblood of the University.

Historical Perspective

For 36 years MUM benefactors have shown unwavering support for the University. The first Annual Fund campaign, in 1981, set an ambitious goal of $1 million. Achieving it was absolutely essential—and we actually raised $1,035,000 that year. Realizing our 2017 Annual Fund goal of $2.1 million is equally vital.

As you can see from the chart on the right, the number of donors has stayed constant for the past three years, after a big jump in 2013-2014 of an additional 200. Over the past 5 years, a total of 2,247 individuals have participated in the Annual Fund.

If everyone who gave in the past 5 years donates again this year, we will easily reach our goal of $2.1 million by June 30. Each and every person counts.

Donate Here:

Your annual campaign gift will be used for the area you specify:

To get started you can click on any of the links above, call 641-472-1180, or make a check payable to MUM Annual Campaign and mail to:

Development Office
Maharishi University of Management
1000 North 4th Street
Fairfield, IA 52557

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The 2017 Annual Giving Campaign

Many donors prefer to choose a specific use for their Annual Fund gift. In the past, gifts could be designated to support general categories such as scholarships, faculty/staff programs, campus improvement, etc.

This year we want to offer more options, including expansionary projects beyond the Annual Fund. Hence we are packaging the annual drive into a broader campaign—the 2017 Annual Giving Campaign.


Three ways to participate:

Make a gift to the Annual Fund as you have in the past by completing the response card and mailing it with a check, or make an online gift at the button link below:


Make a gift to the Annual Fund and designate it to support one of the choices below. Your choice helps prioritize Annual Fund expenditures, especially in the event that funding is limited. The project you choose becomes in essence your project—your contribution completes it.

We ask that your gift cover the total amount, or for more expensive proposals, a minimum of $5,000. Some of these gifts can also be fulfilled by a pledge over a period of months or years. Contact us at for details.

Please indicate the project number (AF1, AF2, etc.) in the comments field on the page you reach by clicking the button below:

Student Scholarships —Attracting students with truly exceptional promise and leadership potential

  • AF1. Scholarships for highly qualified U. S. undergraduates at $10,000/year; 15 students — $150,000
  • AF2. Scholarships for highly qualified international undergraduates at $15,000/year; 10 students — $150,000

Food Service — Elevating our Food Service with the freshest, locally grown organic produce

  • AF3. Organic produce grown on Jefferson County farms. $34,000
  • AF4. Radiance Dairy organic products. $19,000

“Wholesome food promotes growth of the whole person.” —Charaka Samhita

Bagambhrini Golden Dome —Nourishing the heart of our Super Radiance community

  • AF5. New carpet and paint throughout. $10,000
  • AF6. Replace 20 year-old chiller to ensure air-conditioning this summer. $80,000
  • AF7. Upgrade mechanical room plumbing. $13,000
  • AF8. Resurface parking lot including painting parking space lines. $16,000 DONOR FUNDING COMPLETE: WORK BEGINS MID-MAY 2017. 

Beautification and Upliftment — For greatest dignity, joy, comfort, and safety

  • AF9. Argiro Student Center, our flagship, needs refurbishment on its north façade. $12,000
  • AF10. Faculty and staff Frat apartments: refurbish interiors, replace roofs. $98,000
  • AF11. Maharishi Veda Bhavan, home to Maharishi Vedic Science: new roof. $28,000
  • AF12. The Art Center, our largest academic facility, houses Media and Communications and the Fine Arts Department:
    extensive structural and design upgrades. $75,000
  • AF13. Visitors Center (Frat 153), where parents, prospective students, and distinguished guests stay: new exterior
    siding. $24,000
  • AF14. Historic Henn Mansion, constructed in 1853: critical east wall fortification for building preservation. $140,000
    Outdoor Lighting
  • AF15. Bollard lighting to brighten Argiro Student Center sidewalk. $7,500
  • AF16. Victorian lamp-style streetlights reconnected throughout campus. $10,800
  • AF17. Bollard and spot lighting for Henn Mansion. $5,000

Sidewalks and Roads

  • AF18. Restore major sections of campus roads. $95,000
  • AF19. New sidewalk for easy walking and bicycling between north and south campus. $108,000
  • AF20. Two new industrial-grade lawnmowers and snowplow for campus beautification and safety. $40,000

Recreation Center

  • AF21. Resurface tennis courts. $18,000
  • AF22. Refinish flooring used for jogging, basketball, badminton, volleyball, field hockey,
    indoor soccer, pickleball, and dance. $68,000
  • AF23. Install LED energy efficient lighting (pays for itself in 5 years). $50,000
  • AF24. Restore and beautify outdoor swimming pool and patio. $60,000

Please indicate the project number (AF1, AF2, etc.) in the comments field on the page you reach by clicking the button below:

Expansionary projects are crucial to MUM’s growth, yet they are not included in the annual operating budget. They are funded solely through donor-designated gifts, foundation grants, and bank loans. We ask that expansionary gifts cover the total amount of the project, or for more expensive endeavors, a minimum of $10,000. Some of these gifts can also be fulfilled by a pledge over a period of months or years. Contact us at for details.

Please indicate the project number (E1, E2, etc.) in the comments field on the page you reach by clicking the button below:

Hawaii Semester for Sustainable Studies — Aloha! Mahalo! Hang Loose!

  • E1. Our highly popular new program that attracts and retains students. Supplemental scholarships to cover the associated tuition upcharge, allowing many more students to attend. $50,000 (15 students)

New Research Center for Social and Emotional Health — Dr. Sandy Nidich, Director

  • E2. Parkinson’s Disease Neuro-cognitive and Quality of Life Study. $70,000
  • E3. Longitudinal study to measure effects of Consciousness-Based education on intelligence and social-emotional competencies: comparing MUM students with students at other universities. $105,500 This study has the potential to impact MUM enrollment.
  • E4. Effects of Transcendental Meditation on physician burnout. $26,900

Elevate Faculty Research and Development

  • E5. Send faculty to key academic and scientific conferences to stay abreast of the latest developments, to collaborate, and to present their important research findings. $100,000
  • E6. Host distinguished scientists, scholars, and educators at MUM to generate excitement, stimulate research, and enrich and enliven our academic environment. $10,000
  • E7. Dr. Fred Travis: Analysis of brain connectivity, aging, and higher states of consciousness. $10,000
  • E8. Create web-based textbook for MA in Maharishi Ayurveda with interactive learning and Vedic Literature references (two year project). $25,000

Distance Education — Expanding our reach and enrollment

  • E9. High definition camera to improve course presentations and enhance instruction. $6,000
  • E10. Learning Management platform to enhance and simplify student/instructor interaction. $11,500
  • E11. Software suites for screen recording and editing to expand production capacity, reduce workload, and decrease post-production expenses. $3,000

Campus Sustainability and Environmental Protection — Our leadership role

  • E12. Implement energy efficiency measures, including occupancy sensors to control bathroom fans, LED lighting, low- flow showerheads, and more. (These steps will have a three-year payback.) $30,000
  • E13. Tree planting: MUM received a grant of $10,000 to purchase 100 deciduous and evergreen trees. Additional funds needed for planting. $5,000
  • E14. Third generation air purifiers in all Frat building public areas. Air purification units installed in Frat 106 produced significant results, applauded by occupants. $2,500 per building. Matching funds available for the first two donations of $2,500. $20,000
  • E15. Pave north Argiro Student Center parking lot using green design and materials. $200,000

Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program — Cutting-edge technology to save the soil, sequester atmospheric carbon, and reverse climate change

  • E16. Roof solar array for the brand new Petra Stanley Regenerative Organic Agriculture Center. $80,000 E3. Greenhouse, landscaping, reservoir, and irrigation system. $80,000
  • E17 Greenhouse, landscaping, reservoir, and irrigation system.  $80,000
  • E18. New furniture, including desks and chairs for 70 conference participants and students. $70,000
  • E19. Tractor with attachments and other essential farm equipment. $45,000
  • E20. Orchard of 100 trees plus ground work. $30,000
  • E21. Solar-powered electric deer fence. $5,000

Gil Younger Central Park — A community gathering place to honor one of our greatest benefactors

  • E22. Tiered amphitheater for 200 people ($80,000 has already been donated). $46,000
  • E23. Stage for theatrical productions, concerts, and public discourse. $18,000
  • E24. Landscape lighting and electrical installation. $19,000
  • E25. Landscaping, road access, drain tiles, and rain catchment basins. $36,000
  • E26. Bioswale (landscape element) to redirect rainwater runoff for plant use and stormwater filtration. $10,000
  • E27. Concrete and limestone steps connecting amphitheater and Maharishi Vedic Observatory. $20,000
  • E28 Earth grading and shaping for amphitheater construction. $28,000


Please indicate the project number (E1, E2, etc.) in the comments field on the page you reach by clicking the button below: