Student Scholarships

Helping deserving students gain the benefit of an MUM education

Every year hundreds of highly deserving students — many from the US, many from abroad — apply to Maharishi University of Management.

We offer a generous scholarship program. But sometimes students require a bit more assistance than the US Department of Education will provide and that we can offer in the form of institutional aid.

Often there’s just a small gap between what students can afford and what they need — typically less than $4,000 per year. A scholarship fund would therefore allow many more well-qualified students to attend MUM.

This is a high-leverage donation: It not only enables more students to attend, it allows us to capture the funds (federal and family) that they themselves can bring.

My education at MUM has offered me the unique opportunity to explore my inner self in a spiritually supportive environment and to pursue my art education with top-level faculty.

“I come from Algeria where the dollar is equal to 118 times the Algerian Dinar and where minimum wages start at $190 USD per month. For me, a scholarship was the only way I could study abroad in the wonderful community of MUM.

“I am immensely grateful for the donors, who through their generosity have made my dream to attend MUM come true.”

— Younes Kouider, Fine Arts Major

“My education here at MUM opened my eyes to a new world. I realized that with the help of TM I can be a leader of global peace and empower millions of people living in poverty.

“I’d like to thank and appreciate the donors of MUM for recognizing the value and potential of us students. They know that a global awakening is happening and that MUM is at the forefront of this change.”

— Diego Treto, Individualized Major

Total funding needed = $200,000

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For larger gifts, contact:

Development Office ♦ Maharishi University of Management ♦ 1000 North 4th Street ♦ Fairfield, IA 52557 ♦ 641-472-1180 Monday-Friday, 10:15-4:30 CST

Maharishi University of Management, a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation since 1988, is designated to receive charitable gifts.