Re-Visioning Our MUM Library

We want to transform the Library into a vibrant campus hub that students constantly use— for study, meetings, classes, research, and social engagement.

National surveys show that college students go to their libraries to study, to use online databases and reference materials, and to meet in study groups. Our own students constantly express their desire for just such a study space.

Unfortunately our Library, as currently configured, does not meet this need. For a reasonable cost, we can very strikingly transform the Library into the kind of space our students desire.

We will also restore Spayde Theater and refurbish the Sustainability and Science Wing to provide expansion space for Sustainable Living and our other science departments.

PHASE 1A — The Main Library

Open up the main eastern “L” of the Library — the area most people see when they visit the Library — and create an expansive, welcoming space with new carpet and furniture for student study and group meetings.

  • Free up space by removing old journals and books that have not been touched in years, and relocate the remaining bookshelves for optimal use of space.
  • Remove office walls just inside the east entrance to create a grand east entrance to the Library.
  • Move the circulation desk to the east wall of the eastern “L,” so that people can conveniently check out as they leave.
  • Refurbish the classrooms in the northern “L”, and turn them into comfortable, attractive, multi-purpose classrooms.

Funding needed = approx. $250,000


PHASE 1B — Grand East Entrance

Create a classic east entrance to the Library, with a new facade and roof structure.

Funding needed = approx. $75,000

Phase 2 – Spayde Theater

Refurbish and re-open Spayde Theater to create a vibrant theater space for student performances, film screenings, and an academic lecture hall. Spayde Theater was once the epicenter of a vibrant theatrical community.

Today’s students, who are drawn to MUM in part by their strong desire for community, want to re-energize our on-campus theater productions. This same desire sparked the birth of Olson Amphitheater in Gil Younger Park, a popular outdoor venue — but it is not a year-round, full theatrical stage.

Maharishi School would also benefit greatly from this theater, as would community groups, and the many students who gather in the summers to watch movies in Gil Younger Park — and who would love to make that a year-round communal activity.

During the day, Spayde Theater would function as our second grand lecture hall, serving our Sustainable Living and other science programs housed in (or near) the Library. At present, Dalby Hall is our only major, tiered-seating lecture hall, and it is currently booked to capacity.

Renovations include:

  • Energy-efficient theater lighting
  • A modern digital projector and sound system
  • Professionally cleaning or re-covering the Parsons-era theater seats
  • New flooring, ceilings, and more.

Funding needed = approx. $60,000

PHASE 3 — The West Wing

Refurbish the many classrooms, hallways, and offices in the Library’s West Wing — the Sustainability and Science Wing.

This will accommodate MUM’s brand new Renewable Energy track (and associated labs) within the Sustainable Living major — and pave the way for current and future expansion of the University.

Funding needed = approx. $300,000

Organic chemistry class in the library’s west wing science laboratory.

Total Funding needed for all three projects = approx. $685,000

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