MUM is entering a period of unprecedented growth. Our Standard Program enrollments are up 36% from just one year ago. And our Compro* enrollments are achieving substantial growth, despite continuing variability with regard to visas.

Looking ahead, the positive impact of a stunning tour of seven countries in Africa — where Professors Greg and Elaine Guthrie promoted our Compro program to literally thousands of prospective students — will be felt throughout this Spring and Summer.

Some highly attractive new undergraduate programs, especially online programs, have become a major growth engine. We have just reached a key milestone — $1 million in total revenues from our online programs.

All this exciting growth has brought new strength — as well as new challenges: We must keep pace with the growing demands on faculty and facilities.

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You may make an unrestricted donation to the 2019 Capital Campaign or donate to one of many opportunities to upgrade, beautify and enhance the university:

Unrestricted Capital Fund Donation

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Key Capital Priorities

Key Academic Initiatives

Campus Enrichment and Quality of Life

Institutional Security and Permanency

*Compro stands for Computer Professionals Master’s Degree Program

Annual Fund and Capital Campaigns — both vital to MUM

Our Annual Fund is the life-blood of the University. It supplements MUM’s tuition revenues in supporting all the operations of the university — from student scholarships to food service, from curriculum development to road maintenance.

The Capital Campaign fuels key expansionary initiatives, including improvements to our campus. Every new building on campus and every important renovation has been funded through Capital donations.

The Capital Campaign also supports faculty development: attending conferences, sharing key research with their colleagues nationwide, staying abreast of the latest developments in their fields — making them more engaged and inspiring professors. The following pages highlight key areas and opportunities in need of capital funding. As you will see, many of these projects have already commenced — supported by generous contributions from MUM’s cherished donors, like you.

To contribute to these projects, contact:

Development Office ♦ Maharishi University of Management ♦ 1000 North 4th Street ♦ Fairfield, IA 52557 ♦ 641-472-1180 Monday-Friday, 10:15-4:30 CST

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