Institutional Security and Permanency

Endowment Matching Pledge

It remains a very high priority for the University and our Trustees to create rock-solid stability and permanence for MUM. The University has many well-wishers with financial means and a sincere desire to help build our endowment. We believe the time has come to precipitate a downpour by “seeding the clouds.”

While there is, and has been, a broad willingness to contribute, there is a natural reluctance to be the first — knowing that one’s hard-earned fortune can only achieve its ultimate aim with the active participation of many.

We have been apprised, and we agree, that a sizable matching endowment pledge covering a limited, specific time frame could, at this time, spark an avalanche of matching gifts,

including the intelligent restructuring (and resulting acceleration) of numerous legacy gifts to yield substantial fruit now.

We are seeking a well-wisher (or well-wishers) to put forward a substantial 50% matching gift of approximately $10 million — matchable over the next two years. We have reason to believe that such a matching challenge would be met — and even exceeded — in that relatively short time frame.

The resulting $20 million endowment would already, in itself, be a ground-breaking achievement:

  • The investment revenues would be a substantial boost to University operations.
  • It would provide rock-solid stability in the event of a sharp economic downturn.*
  • It would serve as a powerful, permanent magnet to draw further endowment gifts going forward.

Total funding needed = $10 million

(to be put forward and held as a matching pledge over a two-year period)

*Note: An endowment fund that can be accessed at the discretion of the Board to protect the University in the event of an economic urgency, like the major recession that occurred in 2008, is more typically called a “Board-designated endowment.” This is the type of endowment we seek — one that can fulfill all the important bulleted objectives listed above.

To contribute to this project, contact:

Development Office ♦ Maharishi University of Management ♦ 1000 North 4th Street ♦ Fairfield, IA 52557 ♦ 641-472-1180 Monday-Friday, 10:15-4:30 CST

Maharishi University of Management, a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation since 1988, is designated to receive charitable gifts.