ChangeMakers – Global Leadership Center

ChangeMakers – Global Leadership Center


Gen Z” students — students born in 1995 and thereafter — started arriving in US colleges and universities five years ago. They are ethnically diverse, and have been described as “the world’s first truly global generation.”

They are practical and career oriented. They are passionate about changing the world. 75% are worried about the environment, and 60% would like to have a job that makes the world a better place.

“They’re not simply dreaming about making a difference someday in the future, they’re already doing it.”— Forbes magazine

Our new ChangeMakers – Global Leadership Center offers our students the personal and professional skills they need to succeed in careers centered around service to others —and create positive change in the world.

The Center offers a suite of training packages that provide proficiency and/or certification in

  • leadership skills
  • communication skills
  • health and life coaching
  • professional consulting
  • conflict resolution
Specialized Training for Teachers of Transcendental Meditation®

One area is especially dear to us: giving new TM teachers the additional, specialized training they need to teach in areas where demand is strong. These include:

  • Government-funded programs serving veterans and others with PTSD and/or addictions
  • Public schools offering the “TM/Quiet-Time” program, including multi-million dollar Crime Lab projects in Chicago and New York
  • Corporate settings

Standard training for TM teacher certification does not include special training to treat veterans and others with addictions or PTSD — treatments that are typically delivered in specialized facilities, such as VA hospitals, which follow strict regulatory guidelines.

Special training courses for students in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine

The Global Leadership Center will also offer special training courses for our nearly 250 students in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine. These students gain excellent knowledge and clinical acumen, but they also need motivational and people skills to be effective health coaches and health practitioners — as well as business and practical skills to succeed (and to navigate the numerous regulations that govern alternative medical practice, which differ from state to- state).

The Global Leadership Center will also house all our business-related mentoring and coaching, including our new Workplace Conflict Resolution Masters program just approved by the Higher Learning Commission.


Maharishi University of Management, of all schools, has much of unique value to offer today’s students in all these important professional areas.

Funding needed = $150,000 per year for three years.


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