Chair of AgroEcology

For the Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program

Our Sustainable Living Department has just launched a major expansion and upgrade of its Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program (ROAP): adding a brand new Master of Science degree, and transforming its current Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Science degree in Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

The career opportunities for graduates of these professionally oriented programs are far superior, and consequently, the market appeal will be far

greater for today’s career oriented students. There is currently an acute and growing demand across the entire food industry for experts in organic agriculture.

To give strength and authority to these program upgrades, the Sustainable Living department is establishing a Chair of AgroEcology. We have a strong candidate for this position: a world-renowned dynamic educator with a decades-long history working with the Food

and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She has built a global reputation in sustainable, organic and regenerative agriculture, with a focus on research, education, and administration of departmental programs.

Currently, she is Professor of AgroEcology at a university in the UK, and has been practicing the TM program for several years.

Funding needed = $100,000 per year for three years

(including secretarial support)

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