Arts Center Renovation

The Arts Center is a 30,000 sq. ft. original Parsons College building and former student union that houses two popular undergraduate programs: our highly acclaimed Fine Arts major and our award-winning, technology-driven Media & Communications major.

Major renovations are vitally needed to keep the building safe, comfortable, and dignified — and to totally transform our student and visitor experience there:

Work Needed:

  • Roof and soffit repair = $25,000
  • East facade exterior repairs = $45,000
  • North parking lot resurface = $75,000
  • New HVAC with zone controls = $250,000
  • Create lower-level access ramp = $35,000
  • Interior cosmetics and re-flooring in select areas = $14,000
  • Handicap access improvements = $12,000
  • East entrance stairway at ground level = $23,000
  • South, west, and north facade cosmetic repairs = $16,000
  • Groundwater management for lower level leakage problem = $2,000

Also: Arts Center Programs

It would be a tremendous boost to our Fine Arts degree programs, including our brand new MA in Studio Arts, to have a vibrant program of visiting artists and speakers, to host frequent exhibitions by our faculty, students and other visiting artists, and have active exchanges with other Iowa colleges.

This would truly leverage — and build upon — the strong regional acclaim our Fine Art programs have garnered.

Funding needed = $75,000 per year.

Total funding needed = $497,000*

*Note: Thanks to the Wege Foundation matching funds are available for this important project.

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